Andy Kessler

Andy Kessler

Columnist, Inside View, The Wall Street Journal


Andy Kessler is the author of Inside View, a column he writes for The Wall Street Journal on technology and markets and where they intersect with culture. He won the 2019 Gerald Loeb Award for commentary. He is the author of several books including Wall Street Meat and Eat People. He used to design chips at Bell Labs before working on Wall Street for PaineWebber and Morgan Stanley and then as a founder of the hedge fund Velocity Capital.



Ode to American Toilet Paper

April 5, 2020 06:45 pm ET

Of course we hoard it. The soft stuff sets us apart from our one-ply peers overseas.


Innovate From Your Couch

28365365体育投注March 29, 2020 07:21 pm ET

Downtime has enabled scads of breakthroughs in tech. Now you can join in the next round.


Cracker Jack Economics

March 22, 2020 07:49 pm ET

A prize inside every package won’t spur recovery from the coronavirus shock.


How to Read the Myopic Market

28365365体育投注March 8, 2020 08:07 pm ET

Today’s stock swings reflect the shortening of investors’ timeline for predicting growth.


Don’t Buy Into Big-Tech Hysteria

28365365体育投注February 23, 2020 06:56 pm ET

An industry of alarmists exaggerates social media’s risks and ignores its value.


How I Almost Bought the Knicks

28365365体育投注February 2, 2020 08:03 pm ET

A friend and I chased the deal of a lifetime in our 30s, but the team escaped our grasp.

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