After the Food and Drug Administration opened the door for authorized companies and labs to do virus testing, dozens of options are emerging. We are updating this guide regularly with what we learn about the state of testing and treatment across the U.S.

Health Policy

Coronavirus patients are confronting steep medical bills, prompting a renewed push by lawmakers for possible legislative fixes that may come too late—if at all—for many people in the pandemic.


Our upright gait is not just a defining feature of what it means to be human. It also makes our bodies and brains work better.

Tri-State Area

At least 1,109 nursing-home residents have died from the new coronavirus in New York state, showing the pandemic’s impact on the state’s most vulnerable population.

Pro Cyber News

Hackers have used a number of ransomware variants to attack hospitals and health-care facilities in multiple countries, adding to medical providers’ concerns as they confront the coronavirus pandemic, according to Interpol.

Heard on the Street

Johnson & Johnson’s financial forecast is weaker after Covid-19, but investors should view that as a sign of strength.


Vaccination drives for polio, measles and other diseases are paused, raising fears that other epidemics could surge in the developing world.


Lawmakers hit an impasse over what should be included in the next tranche of coronavirus assistance—with Republicans and Democrats rejecting each other’s plans and leaving uncertain when more aid would be approved.

Election 2020

Joe Biden made an early effort to unite Democrats behind his White House bid Thursday, announcing two new policy proposals related to health care and education that came out of conversations between his campaign and aides to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Pro Bankruptcy Distress

Embattled rural hospitals, some on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis, stand to lose out on billions of dollars in federal aid, with industry experts worried that financial lifelines could come too late—or not at all.

WSJ News Exclusive

The Department of Veterans Affairs is experiencing “serious” shortages of protective gear for medical workers treating coronavirus patients, according to memos shared with The Wall Street Journal.

Journal Reports: Funds/ETFs

Utilities, health care and consumer staples are seen holding up better than other sectors.


Italy is undercounting thousands of deaths caused by the virus in the areas worst hit by the pandemic, a WSJ analysis shows, indicating the human toll may end up being much greater than official data indicate.