Gas Markets

When natural gas became as cheap as coal in the U.S., it spawned an energy transformation that drove many companies out of business while generating opportunities for others. East Asia’s biggest economies are now going through the same upheaval.

CIO Journal

A consortium of U.S. government agencies and technology companies is granting free supercomputing resources to research teams that aim to quickly find drugs to combat Covid-19 and forecast its spread.

CIO Journal

Quantum computing startup Seeqc has raised more than $11 million in venture capital funding from investors including a subsidiary of German company Merck KGaA, which is interested in using the technology for materials science and pharmaceutical development.

Pro Cyber Commentary & Analysis

More than 30 car manufacturers, chemical companies and others are moving toward creating their own private 5G networks, a move they say will improve cybersecurity.


U.S. health regulators ordered the popular heartburn drug and other ranitidine generics off the market, citing a potential public-health risk.


Hospitals and research groups are racing to roll out new ways to reuse face masks safely, an effort that could protect front-line workers grappling with shortages while also creating a potential path to reduce medical waste long term.


Incinerating “forever” chemicals once used in Teflon pans is a growing concern among states as the chemicals, called PFAS, are linked to cancer.

Health Policy

The White House is defending itself from criticism over its handling of the pandemic even as a fresh potential crisis looms: The U.S. is facing a dwindling supply of the products and chemicals needed to run the tests.


Energy stocks in the S&P 500 fell to their lowest levels in 15 years, dragged down by a feud between oil giants Saudi Arabia and Russia that threatens to flood the market with a glut of crude.


Factory shutdowns across China because of the new coronavirus have exposed an uncomfortable health-care reality: Many medicines rely on raw materials that are made in that country.

Risk & Compliance Journal

The New York-based chemical company disclosed in August it spotted potential bribery in the two countries following its acquisition of Frutarom Industries Ltd. International Flavors bought the Israeli flavor company in October 2018.

CFO Journal

A.P. Moeller-Maersk said Wednesday that Patrick Jany will become its new finance chief, filling a key opening as the Danish shipping giant rebuilds its leadership team.


The virus outbreak originating in China that has weighed on demand for crude oil, copper and soybeans is prompting a rally in some smaller commodity markets.

Heard on the Street

China will ban nonbiodegradable plastic bags for takeout food and shopping in major cities by the end of this year, and nationwide by mid-decade. Petrochemical makers should be worried.


About 80,000 people in three townships outside Philadelphia live in an area where the groundwater had been contaminated by chemicals used for decades in firefighting foam at two nearby decommissioned military bases.

Risk & Compliance Journal

The Treasury Department alleged the four companies, based in areas ranging from Hong Kong to Shanghai to Dubai, collectively ordered the transfer of the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars to the state-owned National Iranian Oil Co. as payment for Iranian exports.

Heard on the Street

January’s deadline to use cleaner marine fuel could ripple through the global fuel market on land and sea.