Latin America

The incarcerated cartel chief’s daughter is glorifying his image by using it on charitable gifts, showing the enduring popularity of a notorious criminal whose deadly exploits provide inspiration for TV movies and traditional ballads.

WSJ News Exclusive

New York’s largest nurses’ union filed three lawsuits against the state and two hospital systems, alleging that dangerous work guidelines and protective gear shortages exacerbated the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police said at least 19 people were dead after the crime spree, with officials saying they have identified 16 separate crime scenes in the province of Nova Scotia and warning new victims might emerge from searching five burned-down properties.


Companies are suspending or terminating business agreements by relying on a common but rarely invoked escape hatch in many commercial contracts.


Chinese anticorruption inspectors are investigating a vice minister of public security, the latest probe of a senior official of the law-enforcement agencies central to President Xi Jinping’s increasingly hard-line style of governance.

Election 2020

Intense court battles over voting rights and election security always promised to be part of the 2020 election cycle, but the coronavirus has added new urgency to the cases, which are multiplying nationwide.


The arrests come as Hong Kong remains racked by the coronavirus pandemic, and pro-democracy activists say they won’t immediately take to the streets again to protest the latest police action.

Middle East

Eleven Iranian gunboats harassed U.S. Navy and Coast Guard ships in the north Persian Gulf, the Navy said. The encounters came a day after Iranian naval forces temporarily seized a Hong Kong-flagged tanker.