The Captain Class

The Mystery of What Drives Bob Iger

Before this week, he had seemed congenitally unable to quit. Was it the neurochemical pleasure of the pursuit? 13

Tough Job Interviews Make Candidates More Likely to Take Offer

Making job interviews more challenging could be a cost-effective way for employers to entice new hires, according to new research from job-review website Glassdoor. 7

Nine Ways to Make Your Work Day Better

A new book by a former Twitter executive digs into workplace research on how to increase job satisfaction. One finding: Headphones in the office can be helpful. 96

Quarantined, but Still Logged On

With some overseas cities shut down and companies in the U.S. urging those returning from high-risk areas to stay away from the office, workers world-wide are hunkering down for what might be the new normal.

Millennials Show Loyalty to Employers

Despite the hot job market, younger employees now entering their prime working years are so far proving as loyal to employers as the generation before them. 38

Where Robinhood’s Founder Found His Faithful Band of Advisers

Baiju Bhatt helped build an app that allows investors to trade without paying fees. He looks to insiders and outsiders to help him stay cool, levelheaded and generous.

Amazon Changes the Way It Recruits M.B.A.s

The tech giant is seeking to recruit a new wave of management talent from a broader array of institutions. 59

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