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CFO Journal

Paul Jacobson’s replacement will likely have to deal with the long-term financial implications of the coronavirus outbreak, which is disrupting air travel world-wide and could become a drag on earnings and cash flow.


Companies are responding to customers’ demand for protection—and style. The most recent example is the supposedly bulletproof Tesla cybertruck. One question Tesla bulls may not have fully considered: Why buy a cybertruck when you could have a Batmobile?


As coronavirus continues its spread outside of China, the global airline industry is recalibrating its response to a threat that could be its worst since the financial crisis a decade ago.

Heard on the Street

Investors have been disappointed too often to give car manufacturers much advance credit for cost-cutting plans. In the case of the industry’s big merger, that may create an opportunity for those that dare to break ranks.

CIO Journal

The transition, which began in March of last year, is aimed in part at speeding up the matchmaking process between cars and buyers on its website, which hosts a daily average of some 4 million cars from 19,000 dealers.


U.S. aviation regulators are mandating enhanced training for airline pilots, culminating years of debate over how to improve cockpit decision-making and leadership skills.


After a dramatic escape from Japan, the auto titan is back in the homeland he left as a teenager. He can’t leave Lebanon without risking arrest and worries he is being watched. And for the first time in decades, he has time on his hands.

The A-Hed

Nothing says stock-market bull like a vanity plate on a BMW. When the index reaches milestones, optimists post new predictions on their bumpers; planning for DJ 80000


Cambodian health officials are testing hundreds of travelers and crew who are still on a cruise ship after an American passenger, who was allowed to disembark last week, tested positive for the coronavirus.

Autos Industry

GM will stop selling and designing Holden vehicles in Australia and New Zealand by 2021, marking the end of a brand that began in the 1850s as a leather and saddle company and has been part of GM for almost a century.

WSJ News Exclusive

The Trump administration is considering a proposal to halt deliveries of jet engines co-produced by GE to China, a potential escalation of protective trade measures that could have steep repercussions for the major American manufacturer.


Business groups and organized labor called on the Canadian government to intervene to stop the blockades, which involve protesters acting in solidarity with west coast indigenous leaders trying to stop construction of a natural-gas pipeline.


Short sellers feel the pain of their gamble that the electric-car maker’s share price is inflated as the stock soared to heights few had predicted. “Oh damn, I got my butt kicked.”