Review & Outlook

U.S. growth will take a hit but Trump has a leadership opportunity.

Publisher Jimmy Lai is charged for taking part in an August protest.

The Supreme Court hears challenges to judicial law-making.

Larry Fink’s political machinations invite regulatory scrutiny.

He assails Americans who support Israel and calls Benjamin Netanyahu a ‘racist.’

The Eleventh Circuit rethinks an earlier ruling against a cross in a public park.

The Second Circuit says the feds can withhold funds for defying the law.

Congress shows political opportunism with another health plague.

Early voting and other changes may create a vote-counting mess.

Investors get the coronavirus jitters, but please hold the panic.

A lawsuit challenges a state law banning advice on paying union fees.

The Vermont Senator finds a silver lining to the Castro revolution.

Sacramento tries to fix the housing shortage it created. Please stop.

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